We’ve Gut a Feeling

We’ve Gut a Feeling

We’ve all been there: your guts feel uneasy, unsettled, or downright upset, but you don’t know what the cause is or what you can do to make it better. Gut health is something which is so intrinsically linked with our overall health, and yet most of us know very little about it – making it exceptionally difficult to navigate, manage, and fix when the symptoms get the better of us.

In this blog post, we not only discuss the role of the gut and its link with overall health and wellbeing, but also consider some of the best Udo’s Choice products that are related to optimal gut health and are designed to facilitate improved wellness from the inside out.

First thing’s first, the importance of a healthy gut.

Why is gut health so important?

When your gut is working efficiently, you benefit from effective digestion, enhanced immunity, a better mood, improved sleep, better heart health, and a more productive brain.

Starting at the mouth and ending right at the anus, your gut is essentially the channel which everything you consume moves through – with different components within the gut responsible for ensuring that as food and nutrition passes through, the right nutrients are absorbed and broken down effectively and efficiently.

A big part of overall gut health is linked with what you put into your body in the way of food and nutrition. The right foods can be used to reassemble cells, tissues, organs, glands, and systems throughout the body – but in order for this to happen the gut needs to be healthy and in good working order.

And the best way to make this happen is to integrate the right supplements into your routine, which prioritise gut health and ensure that it is not left by the wayside in favour of those aspects of health which are more visually apparent.

The role of microbiotics

Before we introduce a selection of Udo’s Choice products that make gut health easier to prioritise, it’s worth dissecting the importance of microbiotics in framing gut health. To cut a long story short, and to make the science more accessible, microbiotics are good bacteria which contribute to body function, by helping to break down the different nutrients in food and facilitate absorption of the most valuable nutrients.

The three supplements listed below help to enhance the efficiency of the body’s natural microbiotics, with high strength combinations of bacteria which are designed for use across all age groups and genders.

Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend

Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend provides the body with a boost of plant-based enzymes which compliment the natural enzymes found in our digestive system. These enzymes break down all the different components of the food we put in our bodies, separating the nutrients and aiding both digestion and absorption from within the system.

Udo’s Choice Microbiotics

The Udo’s Choice brand offers vast range of different microbiotics enable consumers to select the right product based on the age of the user, ensuring that they receive the right support for their individual gut health. By developing age-specific blends, Udo’s Choice Micobiotics ensure that each and every life stage of a family can be supported on their journey to optimal health.

Beyond Greens

A fantastic product when it comes to supporting the body’s access to beneficial greens, ingredients, and nutrients, the blend of organic and vegan fermented greens makes Beyond Green a great source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12.

Gut health for the whole family

Udo’s Choice boasts a range of supplements aiming to support overall health and wellbeing - with gut health one of the most important areas to consider. Browse our individual product pages to learn more about each one, or visit the blog section of our website for more information on the Udo’s Choice story, our vision, and our work in the health and wellness sector.