Best Indoor Workouts For Keeping Fit At Home
Monday, 06 April, 2020

Best Indoor Workouts For Keeping Fit At Home

With gyms, swimming pools and workout classes being closed down for the next couple of weeks, many of us are struggling to find ways to stay fit indoors. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the country has come to a halt as the government has instructed everyone to stay at home in order to stay safe.

For many of us, staying in our homes is a complete change of routine and can undo healthy habits such as regular exercise. Finding the motivation to get active and moving while being stuck inside is a struggle for many, as well as knowing where to start when it comes to at-home workouts.

Keeping up with exercise and staying active is essential for staying healthy during these difficult times. To help you stay on track and make the most of your time indoors, we’re sharing our top tips and workouts for keeping fit at home.

Use The Power Of The Internet

The internet is packed full of amazing home workouts and online classes that you can follow along with at home. More and more gyms and personal trainers are introducing online work out options during the COVID-19 pandemic. Head over to YouTube or Instagram, and you will find an abundance of follow-along online videos and clips to help you nail your at-home workout.

Whether you want to keep up your cardio, work on your weight training or a combination of both, there are plenty of options online. Now could be the perfect time to meet those fitness goals you haven’t had the time to focus on. For those determined to manage a push up by the end of isolation, head to Kayla Itsine’s Instagram for her tutorial of push up progression.

If you enjoy the motivation you get from others during a workout and are missing your usual group exercise classes, then look out for live-streamed workouts. These live classes are interactive, fresh and will keep you going right to the very end. Joe Wicks has taken the online fitness world by storm by live streaming free PE lessons every morning this week. Although these workouts are designed for children while the schools are closed, there is no reason adults can’t work up a sweat as well. Other companies offering free live streamed workouts include Results Wellness Lifestyle who are live-streaming a different class every day on their Instagram.

Use What You’ve Got

You might think you’ve got nothing in your home to help keep your fit, but you’d be surprised how many everyday items can be used for an at-home workout. Here are a few of our favourite at-home exercises using everyday items from your home;

  • Stair Stepping: Stair stepping is perfect for working up a sweat at home. Even if you don’t have any stairs, you can use a sturdy chair or a big book. Simply step up and down to give your legs a good work out and get your heart racing.
  • Plank: Planking doesn’t require any equipment, but it is great for working your core muscles. Hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds and try to add ten more seconds every day. Eventually, you will have the core strength of a champion and all from just a few seconds of exercise a day.
  • Replace Weights With Water Bottles: If you don’t have weights at home, then that doesn’t mean you can’t do some strength training. Make your own weights by filling water bottles and get going with arm, shoulder and back exercises. If the water bottles aren’t heavy enough, try anything else you have around the house such as laundry detergent or milk.
  • Get A Chair Out: You’d be surprised how many exercises you can do with a dining chair. Just make sure it doesn’t have wheels, and you are good to go. You can use a chair to perfect your squatting stance, practice your leg raises or work your arms with tricep dips.
  • Try A HIIT Workout: High-intensity interval training is great for improving heart health, losing weight and strengthening the muscles. There are loads of HIIT workouts that you can do in just 15 minutes with no equipment necessary. Get your sweat on with star jumps, knee highs, burpees, pop squats and many more easy at-home exercises.
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