5 Ways and 5 Reasons to add Blackseed Oil to your Diet Today
Friday, 16 April, 2021

5 Ways and 5 Reasons to add Blackseed Oil to your Diet Today

Blackseed oil has been used throughout history in different cultures, with many using it for medicinal purposes. Fast forward to today, blackseed oil is still popular around the world due to its unique and distinctive taste and the benefits associated with it.

5 Ways to add Blackseed Oil to your diet

Thankfully, organic sources such as One Nutrition Black Seed Oil are simple and easy to add to your diet. A raw teaspoon of the oil mixed with different food sources is usually enough to spice up your food. Listed below, we’ve come up with five different ways you can include blackseed oil in your diet! 

Add to Meals

The distinctive spicy taste of blackseed oil makes it an excellent choice of dressing for a variety of meals. Blackseed oil works perfectly as a salad dressing or can be added to pasta or even avocado on toast. 

It’s important to note that blackseed oil should be added to meals as a seasoning after the food has been cooked. This is because exposing black seed oil to high temperatures can damage its chemical structure and reduce its nutritional value.  

Mix with Smoothies

You can add blackseed oil to smoothies to give them even more nutritional value! Of course, smoothies are already a healthy drink option, but you can make them even healthier by adding a spoonful of black seed oil. 

It’s also possible to add black seed oil to other drinks such as milkshakes and juices, but bear in mind that it has a strong taste, so you might just want to add a few drops. 

Use with Hot Drinks 

Mixing blackseed oil with coffee or tea makes for a unique tasting flavoursome drink! Herbal tea in particular is great with a few drops of blackseed oil added to it, for those who enjoy a strong-tasting tea. 

Mix with Honey

If you find the strong taste of blackseed oil too much, you can try mixing it with honey. As honey is a natural sweetener and infusing it with blackseed oil reduces the powerful flavour. 

Add to Yoghurt

Another option is to add blackseed oil to yoghurt. The taste of blackseed oil may go better with certain flavours; however, it can be easily mixed with any type of yoghurt so you can add it to your preferred choice.

5 Reasons why you should add Blackseed Oil to your Diet 

As well as providing you with more flavoursome food, blackseed oil has also been linked with a variety of benefits which is the reason many people choose to include it in their diet. We’ve listed five specific benefits that black seed oil has been said to impact. 

A Source of Antioxidants

You may be aware of the benefits of antioxidants, which are plant-based compounds that help protect our cells against harmful molecules and free radicals. Blackseed oil is a source rich in antioxidants and consuming it can help you reduce damage caused by free radicals and oxidation.  

Combat Inflammation

Blackseed oil can also reduce inflammation. The soothing effect of the oil can have a positive impact on combatting inflammation within the body, and the antioxidant properties could help protect body tissue from damage. 


For those who like to take care of their hair, blackseed oil is said to be able to help nourish and maintain the condition of your hair. The antioxidants found in black seed oil neutralise the harmful effects that free radicals have on your hair. The oil is also reported to assist with hair growth as well as combatting sensitivity and flakiness on the scalp. 


The moisturising properties of blackseed oil can help your skin to retain moisture and leave your skin looking revitalised. Due to the soothing properties also found in black seed oil, it is said to help to unclog pores and reduce the risk of breakouts.  


Hydration is important for maintaining the strength and health of your nails. The hydrating properties found in black seed oil could help support the condition of your nails and keep them looking healthy. 

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