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The Menopause: Is Simply Eating More Fruit and Veg the Easy Answer?

According to research, simply eating more fruits and vegetable could quickly cool down your menopause? Susie Debice explains why women in the West should re-think their 5-a-day...

HELP! Menopause and Lockdown Don’t Mix

Has the extended lockdown got you hot and bothered? If watching the pandemic news updates just cranks up your menopausal anxiety, then Susie Debice’s no-nonsense lockdown menopause guide can help...

Give Your Partner a Night Sweat to Remember this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can put a huge amount of pressure on even the closest of relationships and the menopause with all its underlying and often unspoken issues makes this intimate day even harder to navigate. Susie Debice suggests some ways to keep your romance alive.

Menopause, fatigue & low energy explained: Why does the menopause make you feel tired?

Poor sleep and fatigue can be the most disruptive of the many menopause symptoms. How does the menopause affect our beauty sleep? What can I do?

Your guide to menopause leg pain: cramps, swelling, aching, hotness & everything else

Some of the lesser-discussed physical symptoms of the menopause relate to our lower limbs. Here’s all you need to know about the transition and leg pain.

Did You Know That Some Exercise(s) can Slow Cellular Ageing?

Fine lines and wrinkles may be an indication that your body is starting to age on the outside and cellular ageing determines how quickly your body is aging on the inside. A recent study suggests that the type of exercise you are doing may influence the rate of cellular ageing.